Ready to Cruise Tips, from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

We often here clients say they don’t want to take a cruise because someone in the party thinks they will be board.  What will I do for 7 days on a ship?  Well let us tell you that the best part about a cruise is all the activities that are offered on the ships.  And with Royal Caribbean the amount of dining, entertainment, and activities is mind blowing.  Lisa and I love to cruise because it offers so much for everyone in our family.  If the kids want to play in the kids club with new found friends, they are off and running.  Spa day, sign me up.  Or just relax by the pool.  If you want trivia games, entertainment, unique lounges, they have loads to choose from.

There is WE time and ME time on a cruise and everyone has something they want to do.

We have Fran from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line with us on Vacation with the Griswolds and we cover first time cruiser questions, Alaska cruising, cruise tips and more.  Please listen to our travel show on Saturday, November 17, or you can listen any of our Vacation with the Griswolds show here on our podcast.

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