Take Flight at Kennedy Space Center

We travel to Orlando Florida a great deal. It's the #1 vacation destination with Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World, great beaches just an hour away and also Kennedy Space Center. I lived in Sarasota Florida and also Orlando Florida for...

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Disney Cruise Line – 2018 Bucket List Cruise

On our vacation bucket list for 2018 is a cruise on Disney Cruise Line. To help you learn more about Disney Cruise Line we have Jessica and Brian from Disney Cruise Line. Disney Cruise Line has four amazing cruise ships and the Disney Wonder has some new...

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Explore the beauty of Barbados

The Griswold's head to the beautiful island of Barbados. Do you want to know where the best beaches are on the island, the top festivals, and learn about the history? We have a fantastic show this week for you filled with Barbados vacation tips. If you...

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Sports Empire & Authentic CA Vacations

Have you ever wanted to go to the Rose Bowl game, Indy 500, US Open Tennis, or other special events? We have Sports Empire with us on Vacation with the Griswolds talking about these event and sporting vacation packages. We wrap up the show with Authentic...

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It’s Christmas time at Universal Orlando Resort

We have been at Universal Studios on two different trips over the last two weeks and it's magical for the holidays. First, we spent some time at Universal's Volcano Bay, their 3rd theme park.  This water park is stunning and has some key differences over...

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Holland America – Cruise Alaska

2018 is turning out to be the year for Alaska.  With families deciding to stay closer to home and skipping Europe, Alaska offer a passport free new trip of discovery and wonder.  Alan with Holland America takes us to Alaska on Vacation with the Griswolds. ...

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