Have you heard about the best guided travel company out there?  Adventures by Disney is the Disney companies venture into the guided tour space but it’s much more than a traditional guided tour.  Disney has taken their core values and amazing story telling and has created adventures that you can experience all over the world!  There is no Mickey Mouse on these trips, this is luxury travel with Disney’s special touches.

On this weeks Vacation with the Griswold’s we talk with Adventure Guides who will take us on some of these unique adventures with them.

Adventures by Disney guides on Griswold Vacation

What are the Disney special touches that you will find on an Adventures by Disney trip?

Two Adventure Guides are with you on every Adventures by Disney itinerary.  This allows Disney to have a guide to take the kids on their own adventure and the adults on a different tour.  Also two guides allows one guide to run ahead and get tickets to an attraction while the other guide helps guests with breakfast.  There are many advantages to having two guides on your tours, plus a local expert that comes in to help with different events.  Other tour companies have just one guide for everything.

Disney is all about story telling and they have taken story telling from their movies and parks and now have applied this to world travel.  You don’t just tour a destination, Disney might have Marco Polo give the tour and immerse you in the culture.  Kids might learn how to make pizza in Italy while the parents do a local wine tasting.  You get to meet the local people, culture and experience hidden gems along the way on an Adventure by Disney vacation.

Dusty, our Adventure Guide, takes us on a tour of Adventures by Disney on this weeks Vacation with the Griswolds radio show.

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